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 Dolls House Accessories and Dolls House Wiring specialist

Welcome to the our world of Doll's House Miniature

Christmas information 

     Our last Dispatching day for Christmas Orders will be Tuesday 12th December

                    Website is open 24 / 7 for your orders and Information 

The price shown includes shipping for main land England & Isle of Wight only

If you require shipping outside England & Isle of Wight please contact us for details.

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                                        Doll's House High quality Accessories    

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  Fireplaces_for_all_Rooms      Dolls_House_Kitchen,Dinning,Sitting,study,Bedroom,Children_rooms_1     Doll_House_Barewood_Furniture_Plain_Wood_Finish      Double_-Single_Bedding_1-12th_scale

       Fireplaces and                 Dolls House Furniture         Dolls House Barewood     Dolls House Single & Double
          Accessories                      and Accessories for            Furniture Plain wood         Bedding
                                                 all rooms in your House

 Dolls_House_Accessories         Food_on_the_Table      Musical_Instruments_for_your_Music_Room       Dolls_House_Books_Miniature,_Fiction,_Non-Fiction,_Children__Newspapers          Dolls_House_People_Figures 

       Dolls House                            Food Items for               Musical Instuments               Readable Books                      People Fiigures
      Accessories                                your Table                                                                       & Newspapers  

5764_Sleeping_santa_in_chair_m     Wooden_Trough_d495      Dolls_House_Mouldings_Wndows__8211__Doors__8211__Roofing_-_Stairs      Facebook   

     Dolls House                        Garden Items                         DIY Items you                    Stacey's Miniature
  Christmas Itmes                                                                      might need                               Masony         
All in this group comes from Small World Products Small_World_Products_2

  Dolls House wiring and Lighting specialist


Just click on the picture below to go start to the area you are looking for

Buying_a_Dolls_Houses_should_you_be_asking_these_questions   Dolls_House_wiring_and_instructions       Dolls House wiring on our YouTube channel    LT7002B_Real_crystal_3_arm_chandelier    Dolls_House_items_to_wire_your_Dolls_House

Buying a Dolls House         Dolls House wiring                  Information how to          This where you can see      Products you need      
Somethings you                  lots of information                  wire your Dolls House      What lights where uesd      to wire your house   
 might to look at                                                                                                                in what year                               and  using our   
                                                                                                                                            and all our lights                    Easy Wiring system

 Power_Packs_Transformers   Dolls_House_Wiring_Accessories     Dolls_House_Tools_for_wiring_your_Dolls_House   Bulbs    Battery_Lights

  Power Packs                    Dolls House wiring              Tools to wire your          Bulbs for light and Fires          Battery Lights - Fire
  You might call                      Accessories for                   for 1:12th or 1:24th         LED Bulbs for Fires                        for 1:12th
  them Transformers            wiring Lights & Fires                                                   and for Kitchens and




All in this group comes from
9cf2fc05a41dbc9b16b81af3e285eac4-bpfull Little Houses Plus and Small World Products Small_World_Products_2
The things you might fund useful on our Website
Just click on the picture below to go start to the area you are looking for  
Look_this_is_our_Special_prices_for_the_month   Breaking_News   Contact_us            Need some help here are the ways to contact us    Google review Little Houses Plus & Small World Products
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What products we have        This where we                       information you                        here is the ways        our service please leave
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    The price shown includes shipping for main land England only

                  does not apply to Highlands, Islands

    If you require shipping outside main land UK please contact us for details.


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