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Bathroom items

A range of items to put into your Bathroom items to bring the whole room a live

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Shower Enclosure in white basecoat BR44WH

Product no.: Won 008[1]

£11.88 *
In stock

Wood Toilet Barewood BU209

Product no.: Won 009

£7.11 *
In stock

Modern Basin Unit with hand rail & towel

Product no.: Won 008

£8.71 *
In stock

White Cheval Mirror DF221

Product no.: SAH 002

£7.17 *
In stock

White Bath with side taps DF238

Product no.: SAH 002[1]

£7.99 *
In stock

Shower unit DF1172

Product no.: SAH 002[3]

£14.23 *
In stock

Bathroom Brown wood DF265

Product no.: SAH 002[2]

£22.42 *
In stock

Delux Gold edge bathroom DF1193

Product no.: SAH 002[4]

£16.28 *
In stock

Blue Bunk bed nurse set DF900B

Product no.: SAH 016[7]

£28.57 *
In stock

Murphy Victorian Bath tub Walnut

Product no.: Aztec 0002

£20.65 *
In stock

Murphy Victorian Bath tub Mahogany

Product no.: Aztec 0002[1]

£20.65 *
In stock

Luxury Victoria bath 4442

Product no.: SAH 002[5]

£16.18 *
In stock

High level Toilet DF 237

Product no.: SAH 002[6]

£7.68 *
In stock

Bathroom blue painted 3pc DF 1499

Product no.: SAH 002[7]

£12.13 *
In stock

Porcelain Bathroom white Victorian Set/3 TLF 116

Product no.: Aztec 0002[2]

£14.84 *
In stock

Bath with Feet DF1523

Product no.: SAH 002[8]

£11.37 *
In stock

Toilet Throne walnut T 6607

Product no.: Aztec 0002[3]

£14.90 *
In stock

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