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Dolls House Accessories

Dolls House Accessories

Doll's House Accessories for your house

Accessories for all different rooms

We have more we just have not had time to put them on to the website you can always email us to see what we have

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The price shown includes shipping for main land England & Isle of Wight only

If you require shipping outside England & Isle of Wight please contact us for details

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Wooden Cutley Box

Product no.: JC 001

£32.61 *
In stock

Wood Trough Garden D495

Product no.: SAH 023

£2.16 *
In stock

Brass knobs 3mm pk 50 DIY 577

Product no.: SAH 064[4]

£11.70 *

Churn & Dolly DF 1460

Product no.: SAH 210D

£4.47 *
In stock

Saucepans Set of 4 D 259

Product no.: SAH 210F

£3.34 *
In stock

Copper pots Set 4 D 330

Product no.: SAH 210G

£3.64 *
In stock

Tray Brown wicker effect D 2121

Product no.: SAH 210H

£2.43 *
In stock

Sewing machine black meta D 015

Product no.: SAH 210I

£2.81 *
In stock

Chess set D 472

Product no.: SAH 210J

£6.05 *
In stock

Kitchen - Bathroom Brass Towel Ring D 2339

Product no.: SAH 210K

£2.32 *
You save £0.24
In stock

Saucepan set white D 1290

Product no.: SAH 210L

£4.94 *
In stock

White candels pk 10 D 1598

Product no.: SAH 210M

£2.62 *
In stock

Pipe & Ashtray D 098

Product no.: SAH 210P

£2.58 *
In stock

Antique gold mirror D 2272

Product no.: SAH 210S

£4.10 *
In stock

Brush & Pan blue KA 333

Product no.: Won 030F

£2.57 *
In stock

Staffordshire Dogs black and white Pair Of OA 72

Product no.: Won 030G

£3.01 *
In stock

Hoover Cream & Green KA 252

Product no.: Won 030H

£3.27 *
In stock

Telephone upright Black D 023

Product no.: SAH 210T

£2.99 *
In stock

Victorian bell for a shop

Product no.: SCC 01

£5.86 *
In stock
The price shown includes delivery for main land England only does not apply to Highlands, Islands
If you require shipping outside main land UK please contact us for details.