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Dolls House Barewood Furniture Plain wood

Dolls House Barewood Furniture Plain wood

Barewood Furniture for your dolls house

Plain wood ready to finish by painting varnishing or distressing.

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You can choose from our Dolls House furniture / Dolls House Accessories to make your dolls house into a miniature home

By clicking on the picture below it will take straight to the room for you to choose what Furniture or Accessories you would like to put into your miniature home

The price shown includes shipping for main land England & Isle of Wight only

If you require shipping outside England & Isle of Wight please contact us for details

A range of items to put into your Dolls House to bring the whole house alive

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Kitchen Self unit Bare Essentials Furniture T4606

Product no.: Aztec 003

£9.98 *
In stock

Solid fuel stove Bare Essentials Furniture BEF 075

Product no.: SAH BEF 001

£10.63 *
In stock

Large Cot Bare wood BEF 129

Product no.: SAH BEF 001A

£10.72 *
In stock

Playpen Bare wood BEF 138

Product no.: SAH BEF 001B

£9.28 *
In stock

Triple shelf Bare Essentials Furniture BEF 060

Product no.: SAH BEF 001C

£13.80 *
In stock

Dining chairs / 4 Bare Essentials Furniture BEF 085

Product no.: SAH BEF 001D

£15.10 *
In stock

Book cabinet Bare Essentials Furniture BEF 126

Product no.: SAH BEF 001E

£13.61 *
In stock

Knee hole disk Bare Essentials Furniture BEF 131

Product no.: SAH BEF 001F

£13.61 *
In stock

Hall Table Bare Essentials Furniture BEF 027

Product no.: SAH BEF 001G

£13.52 *
In stock

Garden table Bare Essentials Furniture BEF 146

Product no.: SAH BEF 001H

£6.67 *
In stock

Single shelf Bare Essentials Furniture BEF 059

Product no.: SAH BEF 001J

£13.61 *
In stock

Wash Stand Essentials Furniture BEF 012

Product no.: SAH BEF 001K

£10.15 *
In stock

Barewood bathroom cabinet BU 9202

Product no.: Won BEF 01A

£7.41 *
In stock

Barewood Kitchen table K 74

Product no.: Won BEF 01B

£8.02 *
In stock
The price shown includes delivery for main land England only does not apply to Highlands, Islands
If you require shipping outside main land UK please contact us for details.