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Buying a Doll's Houses should you be asking these questions

Buying a Doll's Houses should you be asking these questions

When looking at buying a Doll’s House somethings you might like to think about

Are you going to put Lighting and Fires into your Doll’s house if you are should you be asking these questions

  1. How long have you been looking for the one you really like?

  2. How much are you going to spend / how much have you spent £ 50.00 £2500.00?

  3. How much are you going to spend on all the items you are going put in there?

Now think about wiring your Doll’s House for lights and fires

If you stick the light on the wall or ceiling or even a fire when you have spent all that money on the items you have put into all the rooms and they are full how are you going to change the bulb because sometime in the future you will be doing that your light / fire could cost you £3.50 -£150.00

Are you going to take the plug off your light run the wire through your doll’s house and out the back and then try putting the white plug back on or are you going to run copper tape around the back of the doll’s house and solider your wire from your lights onto it the same question is still there how are going to change your bulbs

After answering the questions above would it be a good idea to be able to take your lights / fires  out of your dolls house replace the bulb and then put it back without moving any other items in that room

These questions have been brought to you from Dolls House wiring specialist from Small world Products

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