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Dolls House Electric Ceiling-wall-Table Lights1/12th

Dolls House Electric Ceiling-wall-Table Lights1/12th


Dolls House Electric Ceiling-wall-Table Lights1/12th

Electric Lights came in towns first and then in the country


Backplates for Wall-Ceiling Lights

All our lights will fit onto our backplates Information on our Dolls_House_Backplates

We can put the backplates on our Electric Lights for you when you buy them and before we send them to you

The cost is backplate plus fitting £5.42 each light

Fitting of Backplates to your lights

Which way do you need the pins to match your Grip contacts or Hollow rivet contact

Horizontal goes across.                            Vertical up and down


The way we do

1. You order your lights on the website

2. In the Order and delivery comments you put what lights you would like the backplates added to

        Do you want the pins Horizontal or Vertical

3. Will then put the backplates on those lights for you

4.Send you a PayPal invoices for the work done

  • Bulbs for lights

Need to check what bulbs you need for your lights click on the picture Bulbs

  • When you receive your new light

We suggest you try your new lights before you remove the plug

  • Information from the company that supply’s us with our lights

The company that supply’s us with our lights are now putting Safety Instructions on back of the packing

This applies if you are using a white strip with plugs NOT if you are using SWP Easy-Wire system

You can find out more about our SWP Easy-Wire system by going to Dolls_House_lighting_instructions click on the picture

  • Shipping

The price is as shown for main land England only does not apply to Highlands, Islands

If you require shipping outside main land UK please contact us for details.

  • Click on the pictures below to get it to enlarge

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Coloured tiffany table lamp LT 1012

Product no.: BWL 006

£7.73 *
In stock

White tiffany table lamp LT 1014

Product no.: BWL 007

£8.44 *
In stock

White table lamp LT 1024

Product no.: BWL 008

£8.36 *
In stock

Table Lamp Lt 1069

Product no.: BWL 018

£9.42 *
In stock

S Lamp with shade LT 1093

Product no.: BWL 020

£8.66 *
In stock

Table lamp Cranberry Lt 1098

Product no.: BWL 021]

£7.84 *
In stock

Table lamp with tulip frosted shade LT 1098B

Product no.: BWL 022

£7.84 *
In stock

Adjustable table lamp with shade Lt 1101

Product no.: BWL 023

£9.35 *
In stock

ModernTable Lamp with Palace shade Silver LT 1135

Product no.: BWL 026

£10.11 *
In stock

ModernTable Lamp with 2 Palace shade Silver LT 1138

Product no.: BWL 027

£14.53 *
In stock

White globe wall light LT 2019

Product no.: BWL 040

£10.46 *
In stock

Brass picture light LT 2023

Product no.: BWL 043

£8.05 *
Still in stock

White globe wall sconce LT 2025

Product no.: BWL 044

£12.57 *
In stock

Brass wall scoce LT 2026

Product no.: BWL 045

£9.23 *
Still in stock

Wall sconce shade LT 2044

Product no.: BWL 048

£10.19 *
In stock

Globe & shade wall light LT 2068

Product no.: BWL 050

£10.69 *
In stock

Lily Wall Lamp LT2071A

Product no.: BWL 051A

£8.21 *
In stock

Pink Lily Wall Lamp LT2071B

Product no.: BWL 051B

£8.97 *
In stock

Dolls House Wall Light LT2087

Product no.: BWL 054B

£11.21 *
In stock

Black Gothic Coach Lamp LT2116

Product no.: BWL 056

£16.93 *
In stock

Floor lamp white shade LT 3004

Product no.: BWL 057

£13.56 *
Still in stock

Floor lamp tiffany shade LT 3015

Product no.: BWL 058

£9.96 *
In stock

Ceiling light fluted shade LT 4001

Product no.: BWL 062

£10.69 *
In stock

Single frosted tulip ceiling light LT 4005

Product no.: BWL 063

£10.69 *
In stock

White globe ceiling lamp LT 4006

Product no.: BWL 064

£7.84 *
In stock

Silver Ceiling Globe Light LT 4006S

Product no.: BWL 064A

£8.64 *
In stock

Ceiling Lamp with White Shade & gold trim LT 4007

Product no.: BWL 065

£10.46 *
In stock

Silvery ceiling shade LT 4009

Product no.: BWL 066

£9.85 *
You save £0.61
In stock

Ceiling frosted light LT 4010

Product no.: BWL 067

£9.35 *
In stock

Ceiling clear light LT 4011

Product no.: BWL 068

£10.69 *
In stock

Ceiling light with white shade LT 4021

Product no.: BWL 070

£12.81 *
In stock

Ceiling light with white shade LT 4030

Product no.: BWL 071

£10.49 *
In stock

Twin fluted shade ceiling lamp LT 4034

Product no.: BWL 072

£11.96 *
In stock

Ceiling light with fan bronze effect with shade LT 4035

Product no.: BWL 073

£21.46 *
Still in stock

Ornate Iron Ceiling Lamp LT 4048

Product no.: BWL 074

£10.21 *
Still in stock

Scrolled Iron Ceiling Lamp LT4049

Product no.: BWL 075

£10.74 *
In stock

Coloured Hanging Tiffany Lamp LT5003

Product no.: BWL 075B

£11.21 *
In stock

White Hanging Tiffany Lamp LT5004

Product no.: BWL 075C

£11.21 *
In stock

Chrystaline chandelier LT 5007

Product no.: BWL 076

£12.59 *
In stock

Hanging Kerosene Lantern LT 5009

Product no.: BWL 077

£11.46 *
In stock

Amercan swag lamp bronzy colour LT 5011

Product no.: BWL 078

£8.40 *
In stock

Bronze American swag lantern LT 5013

Product no.: BWL 079

£9.64 *
In stock

Hanging coloured tiffany light LT 5014

Product no.: BWL 080

£9.74 *
In stock

Hall Lantern Hanging Lamp LT5017

Product no.: BWL 080A

£18.62 *
In stock

Bircage light with 2 bulbs LT 5027

Product no.: BWL 081

£11.55 *
In stock

Lily Hanging Ceiling Lamp LT5029

Product no.: BWL 081A

£9.24 *
In stock

Hanging light with breaded shade LT 5044

Product no.: BWL 083

£8.57 *
In stock

Nostalgic Hanging Oil Lamp LT5045

Product no.: BWL 083A

£12.34 *
In stock
The price shown includes delivery for main land England only does not apply to Highlands, Islands
If you require shipping outside main land UK please contact us for details.


1 - 48 of 70 results