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Lighting Information year by year

Dolls House lighting through the periods years

Dolls House lighting through the periods years

Dolls House lighting through the periods by the Specialist

Lighting Information year by year


For Dolls Houses or any miniatures you are doing

Over the centuries lighting has evolved from the earliest crude animal oil and tallow candles through beeswax candles and different oils to gas, paraffin and finally modem electricity. But how do you know what to place in your house? If you are going to be true to the chosen period and style of house the information below gives an indication of the evolution of lighting.This  also clearly shows the considerable 'overlap' of lighting methods through the ages.

Anglo - Saxon period        927–1066

Mediaeval                        1000

Mostly firelight,but also naked torches,rush lights,Tallow or beewax candles and chambersticks in wealthy or monastic homes Uaually tallow candles in person rooms

Norman    period              1066–1154

Tudor    period                  1485–1603

Beeswax or tallow candles for the nobility, wealthy merchants and the clergy. Cartwheel chandeliers in the great hall and kitchen. Rush or oil torches for lighting public rooms and corridors.

Firelight or crude oil lamps - open bowl or floating wick /fish-oil lamps or rush lights for the poorer households.

Elizabethand period        1558–1603          

Stuart  period                    1603–1714

Rush lights and crude oil lights for the poorer classes, otherwise as Tudor. Increasing use of candles in. Merchant           homes and above.

Georgian   period             1714–1830

          EARLY GEORGIAN          Beeswax candles / Brass Candelabras / Brass Wall Candles / multiple Candle Lanterns in Brass & Glass.Cartwheel candelabra in kitchens. Chambersticks with tallow candles in private and bedrooms

          LATE GEORGIAN Increased use of wall and table oil lamps in public rooms.Candlesticks in bedroom

Victorian   period             1837–1901

        EARLY VICTORIAN Candlesticks and chandeliers as for Georgian and Regency.

Oil lamps with glass shades/chamber sticks and oil lamps in upper rooms.

Introduction of domestic gas lighting from 1850 - flame usually upwards.Shade [if present] with hole at top.

        LATE VICTORIAN Gas wall and ceiling gasoliers [ flame downwards with lime mantles ] and oil table lights Candles and oil in bedrooms. Electric light at turn of Century, mostly in wealthier town houses.

Edwardian  period          1901–1910 

1920'S  Electricity in most town and city houses with some gas wall lights

1940's  Fluorescent light introduced in USA. In Europe from late 1940's

1960's  Novelty lamps: "Lava Lamps, "downlighters"

1970'S  Low-voltage Halogen lights, "uplighters"

Alternatively you can use modern electric lighting and furnishings whatever the age of the building itself as in real life!

We hope this 'potted' history has helped you to decide on the type of lighting you want in your house. Whatever you decide, We have a wide range Lighting for 1/12 and 1/24 scale we look forward to helping you MAKE YOUR DREAM HOUSE BRIGHTER!