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Wiring Dolls House for Lights and Fires

Wiring for lights and Fires

Wiring for lights and Fires

 Dolls House Wiring for Lights and Fires from the Specialist

Doll's House Lighting Specialist Small World Products Small_World_Products

David @ Little Houses Plus had over 10 Years wiring doll's houses working with Martin who owned Small World Products before his death in 2015

Now it's all together

SWP Easy-Wire system  Wiring a Dolls House 1/12th or 1/24th

 What are the advantages of using SWP Easy-Wire system  method?

By using the SWP Easy-Wire system it lets you build your system a little at a time if you so wish

You don’t have to think about putting any any lights into your house until you have finished decorating

Two methods    Copper Tape method Some soldering to do  -  Round-Wire Method No Soldering

Once you have wired your house, you will never see the wires again

Each run of  wire for the lights or fires are separate from each otherif you have a fault it should only be on that run making it easy for you to find the fault

Backplates_for_wall_lightsYou can replace your lights at any time without having to redecorate.

Easily change of bulbs in your lights, as you can simply unplug your lights, take them out of your house, replace the bulb and plug them back in..

Backplates for ceiling lightsTurn on different lights in your house at any one time. This just brings your house to life, and adds to the enjoyment

If you going to have candles or fires you will be able to have them flickering this just brings your house to life, and adds to the enjoyment

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This will take you straight to our YouTube channelThis will take you straight to our YouTube channel

Before you wire your Dolls House  Before you start Wiring your Dolls House

1.Where it all began (the electric way) using copper tape on the inside of the House1.Where it all began (the electric way) using copper tape on the inside of the House

 2. Wiring on the outside of your house (the back)          2. Wiring on the outside of your house (the back)        

 3  Wiring with plugs and light wire (inside) Wiring with plugs and light wire (inside)

4 Wiring your house with copper tape using SWP4 Wiring your house with copper tape using SWP

5 Wiring your house with round wire using SWP5 Wiring your house with round wire using SWP

Back Plate Solution Back Plate Solution

Flicker Unit for Fires and CandlesFlicker Units  for Fires and Candles

SWP Power centres - Power controllers and Flicker units Solution SWP Power centres - Power controllers

Wiring_your_dolls_HouseExtending Wires in your Dolls House

Using the correct wireUsing the correct wire

LED lightsLED Lights Warm or Daylight

Power Packs - Transformers -1 to 100 BulbsPower Packs - Transformers -1 to 100 Bulbs


The items you will need  just click on the picture to go straight there 

Copper Tape method or Round-Wire method  1/12th or 1/24th     Need the item click on the pitcure


Two ribbons of flat copper in mylar casing with peel-away adhesive
Don't forget you have to Paint the copper tape because you should have taken the plastic coating off
Good quality twin-core miniature wire
1.WIRE 50ft (15.24m) 32g 7 Strand 0.6 NICKEL PLATED. 50ft (15.24m) of twin conductor 7 strand Nickel Plated Wire 32 gauge Highest quality wire that will not tarnish or corrode Professional for best long-term reliabilit (Maximum load 12 bulbs).If you have an accident and short circuit a light, it is the accessible thin lamp wire that is damaged, not the thicker wires you have used for wiring the house
Grip Contact sockets for ceilings or round wire method

Hollow_rivet_contact_Large_for_walls Product code SWP SAH 002 item number  EC 05 Hollow rivet contact Large for walls only Copper Tape method 1/12th

Used for making electrical sockets in Copper tape to connect lights via plug-in backplates 

Not suitable for ceilings at all

Grip_contacts Product code SWP 013 item number EC 07 Grip contacts 

You use these for ceilings when using cooper tape

You use these for Walls and Ceilings when using round wire

If you don’t want to see the plug that comes with the lights USE Plug-in light Backplate   

Backplaes for lightsProduct code SWP 012  Copper Tape method ceiling Lights 1/12th

Round-Wire method you have to use these for all lights 1/12th

Grip Contact sockets,these are for plugging your lights into the wall ,they are grip your ceiling light in even a chandelier they will stay there on their own no need for glues,screws, nails or tacky wax

keeps the light securely in place yet is easily removable 2 contact pins on a standard 1/4th spacing make a reliable contact with Grip Contact sockets

This means like the other lights in your house they are all very easy to remove to change the light or just the bulb because you just unplug your light

Plug-in Lights using the easy-wire System

Take the back plate and pass the lamp wire through the centre hole glue the light onto the back-plate (HUH glue)

(You might need to cover the pins on the light side with Tipp-Ex if you think the pins will come into any metal on the light) Strip about 15-18 mm of one of the wires wrap this around one of the pins 3 - 4 times take the other wire with the insulation wire still on it and pass it around the pin where you have put the first wire take it to the other pin and take the insulation wire off and wrap it around the pin 3 – 4 times.You can take the pins out take the insulation off from each wire and place a bare wire end in the hole then push the pin back into the hole (short thick end first) For neatness, and to enable the joint to be remade if the wire is accidentally broken, route each wire around the back of the other pin hole .You now have a perfect joint for a long reliable life, easy bulb changes and easy change round of lights If you to add a hook you will have to drill a new hole for the wire using a 1.5mm drill Tweezes make the job easier

Wall_light_with_backplate       16_Ceiling_light_with_Plug_in_Backplate Plug-in light Backplate holds the light firly on the wall  or on the ceiling you can unplug the light at any time to chage the light or bulbs

Take the Plug-in light Backplate push the wire through your Black plate

Stick the back plate to the back of the light we use UHU the all purpose adhesive for this Certain commercial adhesives (particularly Contact Adhesives) dissolve the wire insulation, so preferably test your chosen adhesive on a spare piece of wire, or only apply glue to the periphery of the back plate, keeping it well away from the wires.only apply glue to the periphery of the back plate, keeping it well away from the wires.DO NOT USE A ADHESIVE WITH A STONG SMELLING SOLVET IT COULD ROT THE WIRES)

Bare the ends of the wires(Wire stripper)  so you can put one around each of the pins just ( making sure you do not get a cross over of wire this will lead to a short)

Power Controller 

Power_controller_SW_04S_20.11.16_-_Copy Copper Tape method or Round-Wire method   1/12th or 1/24th

 connections with on/off switching of lights
Joins your wire coming out the back of your house to the Digital power unit ( transformer)
Simple and reliable screw connection for the wires which are coming out of your house
Wiring_back_house  Back of the house showing the wires coming out and going into the power controllers

Some people put this on the back of the house or if you have a garden you could build a little shed to put this in .You can add flicker unit lets you have your fires or candles’ flickering realistically just brings your house to life, and adds to the enjoyment

I always put a piece of wood on the back of the house to take the power controller / power controllers and flicker unit making sure the piece of wood is large enough to take what I need to put on now or later I stick the piece wood on with a PVA glue, I do this so when I screw the power controller / flicker unit on the screws don’t come through the walls of your house

As you can see each lighting run / Fire run has their Owen wires which are now going into a Power Controller at this stage I would check and make sure all of the sockets are working

Dolls house lighting candle / fire flicker details this can be add to our SWP Easy-Wire system

 CandleOil_Lamp_Lighting_Flicker_Effects_with_6_Independent_Channels_LP This version can light 36 dolls house type bulbs 6 on each output channel   

The flicker controller has been designed by Micro Miniatures to simulate a candle in a drafty room / flickering fire,we have to simulate under these conditions as without the draft the candle would never flicker and would look like any other bulb in your dolls house.To achieve this flicker affect Micro Miniatures have had to use some artistic license,the results are however quite stunning

I don't think there is currently anything available that can match this products realism

The candle flicker / fire flickering unit also has an input connecter, for linking to our infrared remote controller.It is then possibly to control all of the outputs on candle flicker unit from the remote handset.
With the remote controller linked up and connected to the flicker controller,the bulbs connected to the flicker outputs can be individually turned off/on from the remote handset.

(Please also see our dolls house remote controller information)

The flicker unit also has 4 speeds which affect the rate of flickering these are set from switches.This is really a personal thing as some customers will like a faster flicker, and some slower.However the choice is there here is currently nothing available that can match this prod

Technical stuff (you can skip this bit)

The microprocessor which controls the flicker unit uses a combination of 4 random brightness levels and 56 random timings.The 56 random timings control the length of the brightness level. This is over all of the outputs.
No two being the same unless the same random number appears.This creates a truly random and authentic effect on the candle bulbs.
The software also weights the random numbers i.e. the dimmest output level is programmed to be shorter than the other 3 brightness levels.
The dim level is also always followed by full brightness this gives one of the units flash/flicker drafty room effects.
All the wiring is connected by screw terminal blocks and the unit is fuse protected for safety.

Digital Power Supplies.You choose the size you need by the number of bulbs you will have

Power_PackThe choice of a suitable Digital Power Supply is extremely important to the reliable working of an electrified dolls house. We always recommend the use of Regulated DC Electronic Power Supplies.

These units can handle a very wide range of bulb loadings, whilst presenting a constant voltage to the Dolls House, giving a long bulb life This voltage stability is important when using our Flickering Fire effect, since the total lighting load on the Power Supply varies so much with these devices, the cheap transformers will cause a flickering of all the lights in the house. Digital” power supplies are much more compact, lightweight and reliable than old fashioned transformers safer too!

The tools you will need

 Craft Knife

DB_7_craft_knife Round-Wire method  Not on your website yet 

You need a craft knife or something simpler to cut the groves in the wood to take the quality twin-core miniature wire if your house does not already have groves even so you might want to make more groves

Drill bit

Drill_BitRound-Wire method

You will a drill bit to make the holes for the Grip Contact

Drill bit make the hole to take the Grip Contact sockets for 1/12th

Drill_BitCopper Tape method Drill bit 2.0mm for Hollow rivet contact Large 1/12th


  Wire stripper.

DB_9_HT_06_-_CopyCopper Tape method or Round-Wire method  1/12th or 1/24th

To cut the wire or to bare the ends of the wires


DB_10_DSCF0493Copper Tape method or Round-Wire method  1/12th or 1/24th Not on your website yet 

You might need a small pair of pliers

Screw driver.

DB_6_DSCF0494Copper Tape method or Round-Wire method  1/12th or 1/24th Not on your website yet 

You will need a small screw driver to do the screw up in the Power Controller

You are ready to start decorating

You can now wallpaper over the grip contacts and the round wire (which is set within the channel).

When you have finished decorating

When you have decorated your dolls house and you wish to start furnishing your rooms this is the time to choose your lights / fires to go into the rooms to match the décor in that room

We would like to thank Martin Butler of Small World Products who we work with and who develop this system known as SWP Easy-Wire system