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Power Centre SW 03S Dolls House Lighting

Product no.: SWP 004F

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Power Centre  SW 03S  Dolls House Lighting 1:12TH or 1:24

A very easy way to connect your house lights to the power supply. with out white plugs


1. Mount on the Dolls’ House using the 2 holes pre-drilled in the unit. Use the spacers supplied with each unit and suitable screws.

2. Connect Power Supply to input screw terminals marked 12V +/- or plug into 2.1mm centre-positive dc power connector. 3. Connect a maximum of 50 bulbs to

terminals marked 1-6 +/- by baring the wire ends, inserting into desired +/- terminal openings and tightening screws (only enough to ensure a good contact).

4. Optionally connect an external unit (e.g.Flicker unit), or additional Easy Wire Power Controllers, using terminal block marked +/-,adjacent to the power socket.Max 3 more information contact us

5. Calculate the correct fuse for the total load on “Power Controller”. Each 1 amp of current can power around 14 bulbs.Calculate the total bulb loading, divide this by 14, then round the answer up to the next

whole number. This is the size of fuse required. Max. allowable fuse = 4 Amps.The correct fuses are 20mm x 5mm glass fuses, slow-blow characteristic. These are available direct from SWP, or from your

local TV / Radio repair shop. The unit is fitted with a 1 Amp (14 bulb) fuse as standard.

6. Switch the power on. Green lamp should light. If not, check 12V power is OK, fuse is OK and +/- connection is correct polarity.

7. The Dolls House Power wiring is now finished!

Max 3 more information contact us

Fuses sizes                Grain wheat                   Screw-in-Bulbs

 1 Amp                                    20                                 14

2 Amp                                    40                                 28

3 Amp                                    60                                 42

4 Amps                                    80                                 56


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