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8 Channel Multi Function Remote Control Unit

Product no.: SWP MME 001

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New Exciting Remote control for Lighting Doll’s Houses

The Remote control we are now selling has taken 2 year to be developed

8 Channel Multi-Function Remote Control Units 1/12th or 1/24th

The board size is 8cm(3.149inches) x 12cm(4.724inches) approx.

You can add this to your Doll's House lighting system

If you have been using white plugs or any of our connects from Small World Products you can use this

You are supplied with 5 components

        1. Main control unit

        2. Remote control handset Infra-red  Battery’s include AAA  only for UK customer

        3. Remote sensor only 706mm x 599mm (on Small World Products) on a 1.4m cable approx we can make a cable to your size if you need it longer

       4. 4 screws and 4 spaces

        5  Full set of instructions and full back up from us

This is an extremely versatile and sophisticated lighting controller but exceptionally easy to operate using the remote control handset. The unit has 8 independent outputs which can be expanded up to 24 outputs by adding additional units. Each of the outputs can be programmed to behave differently with a choice of 5 different modes.

  1. Mode 1 Normal adjustable brightness
  2. Mode  2 Simulated candle
  3. Mode  3 Simulated fire

By using the mode above you can use more than one at a time

     4   .Mode  4 Flashing output

                 i.e. If you have a shop you can use this for the shop sign so it goes on / off                   

     5     Mode  5 Static output

                     Use this to turn on something outside the Doll’s House  i.e. if you have a music room and you found something to play music which you could turn on / off you could also look at using this if you have your Doll’s House with a garden around it you could look at having a water feature that you could turn on / off

On the main control unit you can put upto a total of 50 bulbs per a single output there are 8 outlets (bulbs 50 x 8 = 400 bulbs or LED 125 X 8 = 1000)

To make 8 Channel Multi-Function Remote Control Units work

You have to also buy a Power pack / Transformer this needs to be 12 vol DC We always recommend the use of Regulated DC Electronic Power Supplies

PS 250   2.5 AMP Power pack will work 30 bulbs

PS 500  5AMP Power pack will work 80 bulbs

To make 8 Channel Multi-Function Remote Control Units work and a 8 Channel Multi Function Remote Expansion Board

PS 1000  10AMP Power pack will work up 160 bulbs If you are in the USA / EU you will need a Adapter

Adapter USA Product code SWP SAH 04[5]

Adapter EU Product code SWP SAH 04[6]

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The price shown includes delivery for main land England only does not apply to Highlands, Islands
If you require shipping outside main land UK please contact us for details.


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