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8 Channel Multi Function Remote Expansion Board

Product no.: SWP MME 001A

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8 Channel Multi-Function Remote Expansion Boards 1/12th or 1/24th

The board size is 8cm(3.149inches) x 12cm(4.724inches) approx.

You need to have the master unit

You are supplied with 3 components

        1. Expansion Board

        2. Cables to join the broads together

      3  4 Screws and 4 spaces

The modes available

       1. Normal adjustable brightness

       2. Simulated Candle adjusting the flicker rate

      .3.Simulated Fire adjusting the intensity

       4. Flashing Output adjusting the flash rate

       5. Static output there is no parameters to adjust in static mode. The output will be either on or off

      6. Groups of Outlets up to 10 indvidual groups.You program blocks of lights, for example 1 key could turn on an entire floor of lights / fires in your dolls house. The permutations are endless.

There is a save key, which stores all settings in internal memory, so after turning the remote controller off, it will remember all the doll’s house bulb settings, (off/on/dimmed). When next turned on the lights are restored as previously set.

Expansion unit unit you can put a total of 50 bulbs per a single output (bulbs 50 x 8 = 400 bulbs or LED 125 X 8 = 1000

Comes with a full set of instructions

You should have a Power pack / Transformer this needs to be 12 vol DC We always recommend the use of Regulated DC Electronic Power Supplies

To make 8 Channel Multi-Function Remote Control Units work and a 8 Channel Multi Function Remote Expansion Board you need a PS 1000  10AMP Power pack will work up 160 bulbs

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